Home Internet Solutions

To give you the experience of true & reliable Internet services even at your home, now we are bringing our special Home Internet Service at your doorstep. Our team of highly trained professionals will be dedicated to ensure you a level of service that will match or even exceed your expectation.

Features of Desh Online Home Internet Solutions:

  • Reliable high speed Internet connectivity through Fiber Optic Link
  • 1:2 Shared Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Internet Browsing, Download, and Upload
  • Make your home a personal & secured Wi-Fi zone to connect your gadgets (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.) wirelessly through our specially trained Support Engineers
  • 24 x 7 Customer Care operation run by trained Support Engineers
  • One static real IP address at free of cost
  • No hassle of bill payment; bill collection at your doorstep
  • Redundant connectivity through multiple Upstream Providers
  • 4% uptime